Another One Bites The Dust…..

…. and another one’s gone, another one’s gone. Can you hear it yet?

Yep, another show has passed. It had real mixed results. On the one hand, whenever I go into a new area it’s a guessing game; will they like me? will they “get it”? will they be the type who think $20 for a towel?? On the other hand I believe in my product. I know the work that goes into them. I know the quality that is a result of not cutting corners. I go in trying to be confident, yet worrying that I am wasting my time. In this case, three long days and over 600 more miles on the aging Jeep.

They got it. Or at least the ones who visited my booth. Sales weren’t what I had hoped for, or even what I would consider “good”. The problem was simply location. I was in the parking lot behind the high traffic areas. I was also behind another vendor who drew crowds around his booth.

Here’s a secret I want to share. After 22 plus years of “doing” craft shows not much impresses me anymore. There isn’t much that is original. I had the rare pleasure of seeing one of those new rare gems. This kid (ok, he’s really a man, but since I am so OLD he is still a kid in my eyes) is worth a mention here. He does art with only spray paint cans and canvas. He paints while crowds gather and watch. It does my heart good to see innovation and true art in a venue that is quickly being taken over by what I refer to as “cheap shit from China”. Sorry if that offends, but this garbage that is taking over our art and craft shows kills an entire industry; the quality handcrafted products many of us travel all over peddling.  You can check out Travis here .

So, this show left me with only a few gaps to fill. I have to definitely do more capes. Based on feedback from customers I am going to add another size to the capes. I am also going to make up some boy’s ones. I’ve also GOT to find some good yellow towels to fill in ducks.

To the sewing machine I go. Soon. Really.