A Smile. This is Why I Do This.


I got a random email the other day with this:

“Comment: Our 2 year old LOVES her Elmo hooded towel that we bought at Minges. ”

The parent, Sarah Frey, offered pictures. Of course I LOVE seeing smiling faces in my towels, especially when they’re as cute as this darling. This is priceless!

Thank you Sarah!


A Sell Out, And Then….

Saline was AWESOME! I was up about 25% from last year. Great right? I was on cloud nine until I realized I have exactly 10 sewing days until I leave for Wisconsin. TEN.

There’s doubt in my house as to whether I can do it. Mostly from me. But I am going to give it the ol’ college try. It’s become a matter of priorities. Dinner? Not a priority. Cereal works. As does drive-thru. Of course, if SOMEONE gets really hungry he can cook. I have two shows left. He’ll just have to deal with it. And he will. He’s cool like that.

I have to share my today experience. I buy towels. I buy a LOT of towels. I am always looking for a great deal on good ones. Today was it. Do you know that when you buy 200 towels at Kohl’s people look at you funny? They do. Finally someone had to ask if everyone I knew was getting new towels for Christmas. I whipped out my phone and showed them pictures of my booth at Saline. Murmurs went up and down the line (yea, it was that busy. As I said, great sale!) I had people asking about website and characters. I hope it generates some interest after the novelty of carts upon carts of towels wears off. All publicity is good publicity right? Even if it’s because you’re tying up a cashier for longer than others are happy about. If you were there and are reading this, I am truly sorry.

OK, I have to sleep. I am planning a 12+ hour day at the sewing machine tomorrow. I have 200 towels to transform.

Hi ho, hi ho, It’s Off To Work I Go!

Sewing is taking over my life. Specifically, getting ready for shows is taking over my life. Three shows in three weeks, followed by a full week of helping mom get ready for her shows has left me with little time to do anything other than sew.

I’m getting sick of the green I painted my sewing room. Really sick of it. Green is supposed to be the color of creativity. I know, I researched it before I painted the room. I think it truly is. I have thought of about a million things I would rather be doing. The sad part is some of what I come up with involves sewing — and more of the green room! But it will have to wait until January. Right now I have to get ready for Saline and LaCross. Last year Saline was my biggest show of the year. This year it will be LaCross. ¬†At least, LaCross better be! I am sinking a ton of time and money into it.

Saline (handed to me from Mom), LaCross, and then Westland. Then months and months without any real income. I am already starting to panic.