Still Kickin’

It was brought to my attention that I never blog. OK, so I already knew that, but someone pointed it out, and not for the first time. A million reasons, excuses if you will, but nothing really significant. I just don’t do it.

Yes, I’m still working. In fact, I’m taking a break from the sewing machine as I write this. Currently on the work table are blue puppies. Following that, I will turn my attention to monkey wraps. When mom created the monkey design everyone fell in love with it. Everyone, but me. I feel like I never get the face just perfect. I constantly compare mine to hers. Customers love them. They love them so much it’s the second best seller, with ducks being first. So clearly I do an “OK” job on them. As much as I dread doing them, seeing a monkey face “come alive” makes me smile. So I won’t put them off any longer.

I currently am working on my show schedule for this year. I’m light in the spring/summer, and have four shows I want to be in all on the same week-end THREE times. It’s nerve-wracking. What if I gamble on the wrong show? What if I try this new one and it’s a dud, but I’ve given up a sure thing?

Up next: Cherokee Triangle in Louisville, Kentucky.

I LOVE this show!! I have gone with mom for several years. It’s been a girl’s weekend for us. She can’t travel with dad’s health as it is, so I’m going alone. It’s not a huge show, but they get some truly unique and quality arts and fine crafts. I feel honored to be allowed in.

I always feel so much more ambitious after shows start. I can’t wait!!