Wind, Rain, & Cold.

So two shows under my belt so far this spring.

I hate spring shows. Really.

Cherokee Triangle is such a great show. The people there are awesome. The atmosphere is amazing.  The weather…not so much. In fact I found an old picture of a hailstone from one of the previous years.


Yea, that’s hail the size of a golf ball.  That was a couple years ago. I guess I can be glad it wasn’t that bad this year. It was rainy, wet, and rather cold. Not freezing cold, just damp to the bones cold.

BUT I had a really good show. Good enough to replace the tent that got twisted in the wind.

I decided to pick up a one day local show since my inventory was good. THAT was cold. So cold that my stomach hurt from shivering. But it was a good show. Great customers, nice feedback. I will definitely go back again.

Next on the cutting table, more monkeys. I won’t grimace. I’ll just bite the bullet and make them. If I do grimace, I promise not to tell you about it.. 😉